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Forward Thinking.

Our "bean wagon" runs on biofuels to deliver a deliciously sustainable coffee experience.

We're an evolutionary leap forward from the ordinary coffee shop.

Organic & Fair Trade?

It's important to us.

All of the locally roasted coffee and espresso blends we serve are certified organic and fair trade.

Recycled Veggie Oil?

The mobile coffee shop is powered by biodiesel and Waste Veggie Oil.

Our generator fuels are locally produced from recycled sources.

The Generator:

What's so exciting about a generator?

Fair question.

The Kona Chameleon's generator is directly resonsible for creating all of the "coffee magic".

Aside from that, the generator does some pretty amazing things.

Here's a few facts.

  • • It's strong enough to power most homes.
  • • It's quiet enough to converse over.
  • • It runs on recycled bio fuels.
  • • It helps heat and cool the van.
  • • It helps heat the waste veggie oil.