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Forward Thinking.

Our "bean wagon" runs on biofuels to deliver a deliciously sustainable coffee experience.

We're an evolutionary leap forward from the ordinary coffee shop.

Organic & Fair Trade?

It's important to us.

All of the locally roasted coffee and espresso blends we serve are certified organic and fair trade.

Recycled Veggie Oil?

The mobile coffee shop is powered by biodiesel and Waste Veggie Oil.

Our generator fuels are locally produced from recycled sources.

You Did Good!

"An inspiring short-story about one mobile coffee shop and a team that came together under brilliant leadership."

The folks at Alpha Lyra Systems had their backs against the wall...

They had made their number the past six quarters but this one was their biggest and most important yet. They were behind with only a week left to go.

Their next round of financing was hanging in the balance.

George Jefferson Madison, the maverick CEO, and his plucky VP of Sales Emily Margaret Wolf emerged from the conference room.

With steely determination, they had made their decision. There was only one option available.

"We have to dial, dial, dial."

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