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Forward Thinking.

Our "bean wagon" runs on biofuels to deliver a deliciously sustainable coffee experience.

We're an evolutionary leap forward from the ordinary coffee shop.

Organic & Fair Trade?

It's important to us.

All of the locally roasted coffee and espresso blends we serve are certified organic and fair trade.

Recycled Veggie Oil?

The mobile coffee shop is powered by biodiesel and Waste Veggie Oil.

Our generator fuels are locally produced from recycled sources.

Menu Items:

Hot Coffees & Espresso:

  • • Drip Coffee: Fair Trade & Organic Blends
  • • Espresso: Single or Double shot
  • • Latte: Espresso, Milk, Light Foam
  • • Mocha: Espresso, Milk, Chocolate
  • • Cappuccino: Espresso, Milk, Thick Foam
  • • Americano: Espresso, Water
  • • Macchiato:: Lightly Marked Espresso

Cold Coffee Drinks:

  • • Iced Latte: Espresso, Milk, Over Ice
  • • Iced Americano: Espresso, Water, Over Ice
  • • Frozen Latte: Espresso, Milk, Blended w/ Ice
    • Caramel, Hazelnut, Mocha, Vanilla


  • • Chai Latte: sweet spiced tea, milk
  • • Assorted Premium Teas:
    • Coconut Chai, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Italian Chamomile

Coffee Alternatives:

  • • Hot Chocolate
  • • Real Fruit Smoothies

*The standard menu for pre-scheduled events is based on a 12oz serving size for all drinks.

*Espresso-based drinks are made with a single shot.

*The menu can be customized to include a variety of serving sizes, fresh baked goods, ice cream and other frozen treats.

If there is something special you would like on the menu, give us a call.