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Forward Thinking.

Our "bean wagon" runs on biofuels to deliver a deliciously sustainable coffee experience.

We're an evolutionary leap forward from the ordinary coffee shop.

Organic & Fair Trade?

It's important to us.

All of the locally roasted coffee and espresso blends we serve are certified organic and fair trade.

Recycled Veggie Oil?

The mobile coffee shop is powered by biodiesel and Waste Veggie Oil.

Our generator fuels are locally produced from recycled sources.

Services FAQ

Q: Who are our clients
A: We have clients in almost every demographic of the business community. Our clients include physicians, pharmaceutical reps, high-tech companies, law firms, universities, charter schools, mortgage and real estate firms.
Q: How are services priced?
A: Pricing for scheduled events is based on the number of guests, time of service and the event menu.
Q: Is there a minimum charge for a scheduled appointment?
A: Yes. The minimum charge is based on 25 guests and 45 minutes of service.
Q: Do you provide service for smaller clients?
A: Yes. However, we cannot reserve a date & time without a minimum charge.
Q: Do you take credit cards?
A: Yes. In addition to cash and business checks, we accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express.
Q: Do you require a deposit?
A: Yes. In order to reserve a date and time we require a 50% deposit. More deposit details here.
Q: Will you travel outside the Triangle area for an event.
A: Yes. Depending on distance, an additional fee for mileage and other expenses may apply.
Q: Can I get my favorite coffee drink?
A: Yes. The van is a fully functional coffee shop with an espresso machine, blenders, coffee brewers, commercial refrigerator & freezer, etc.
Q: Are alternatives to coffee offered?
A: Yes. Alternative options include real fruit smoothies, organic teas & hot chocolate.