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Forward Thinking.

Our "bean wagon" runs on biofuels to deliver a deliciously sustainable coffee experience.

We're an evolutionary leap forward from the ordinary coffee shop.

Organic & Fair Trade?

It's important to us.

All of the locally roasted coffee and espresso blends we serve are certified organic and fair trade.

Recycled Veggie Oil?

The mobile coffee shop is powered by biodiesel and Waste Veggie Oil.

Our generator fuels are locally produced from recycled sources.

Conferences & Character:

If attendees don't remember the speaker, they'll remember the mobile coffee shop.

Every conference organizer needs a plan to keep the crowd interested, engaged and awake.

Brewed coffee is a start.

Rarely, though, does the "old coffee urn" inspire water cooler conversation back at work.

Conversly, the big, wood paneled bean wagon often does have this effect.

The savvy event coordinator can almost always find a willing corporate sponsor to cover the cost.

Dare to think beyond the obligatory boxed lunch.

Give them a morning and afternoon treat to remember.

Check out our subscription plans or call to schedule a single visit.